Home Inspection   


I perform all home inspections in accordance with the Washington State Standards for Home Inspection.  During the course of the inspection I will examine the following:

Roofing -  Roofing, Gutter, Skylights, Flashing, Chimney, Attic, Venting, Insulation
Exterior - Siding, Trim, Doors, Windows, Decks, Porches, Garages
Structural - Foundation, Footings, Crawlspace, Support Posts, Beams, Joists
Interior - Appliances, Doors, Windows, Flooring, Walls, Ceilings, Fireplaces
Electrical - Breaker Panels, Wiring, Switches, Outlets, Light Fixtures
Heating & Cooling - Furnace, A/C, /Ducts, Baseboards, Boilers
Plumbing - Supply Plumbing, Waste Plumbing, Venting, Fixtures, Water Heater

At the completion of the inspection I will discuss with you the overall condition of the house.  If there are any major problems or safety issues I will explain the causes, if evident, and what actions should be taken to correct the problems.  I will also point out any minor maintenance issues I find during the inspection. 

My prices are based on the square footage of the house and included a full structural pest inspection. 

Condominium Unit - $325 (Excludes inspection of common areas, roofs and exterior.)  
Townhouse - $425

Houses -      0-1000 Sq. Ft. - $425
               1000-2000 Sq. Ft. - $450
       2000-3000 Sq. Ft. - $475
       3000-4000 Sq. Ft. - $500
       4000-5000 Sq. Ft. - $525

Structural Pest Inspection Only - $225

Re-Inspection of items repaired by seller - $150

* Additional fees may be charge for detached structures, additional dwelling units (ADUs),  travel in excess of 50 miles round trip and bridge or ferry tolls.  If you would like exact pricing please contact us and we would be happy to provide you a quote.