Customer service is very important to me and I work hard to be sure that each of my clients is satisfied with my services. The testimonials you read here are exceps from emails, recommendations posted on my Linkedin profile and reviews posted on Yelp.com.

Jeff R.

"John recently inspected the home we're in the process of buying. I've only been through one other home inspection--so I don't have many data points to draw upon--but John was very friendly and professional, and he seemed very thorough. By the end of his inspection--over 90 minutes worth on a 1,200 sq. ft. house--I felt comfortable that he had carefully gone through the house top to bottom, inside and out. He talked us through all of the issues he found, and his written report was very clear in documenting his findings and recommendations. What's more, John's work seems to have passed the "sniff test" with flying colors. After John's inspection, we had a couple of electricians bid on repair work. Those electricians confirmed the problems that John identified during his inspection, and it doesn't appear that John missed any major issues. I highly recommend Lasswell Home Inspection."

Trisha H.

"I loved working with John for my condo inspection! I have a fantastic real estate agent, who recommended John. He was prompt, precise, helpful, friendly. He explained everything to me with so patience, and was so helpful even after the inspection in refering me to folks. He is definetly someone you can trust, he will follow up with you even after you have paid him, which is unlike the people who disappear once you pay them. He is dependable, and trustworthy! Will highly recommend him. One of friends has used him too, we are both very happy and he feels the same way about John. I was very nervous about the inspection as the condo I bought is bank owned, but he made everything so simple to understand. Would definetly not look any further for a great inspector!"

Geoff H.

" I recommend John to nearly every client I work with. I've never worked with a better home inspector. His attention to detail is incredible. His follow-through is prompt. The presentation of his inspection reports are professional and easy to follow. He has the rare quality in a home inspector that every agent looks for: the ability to find and report every single sunstantial material "issue" that a property has to a prospective buyer without fostering unnecessary trepidation. To this date I've never failed to close on a property John inspected for my clients. Now that's saying something!"

Brian H.

"John recently performed a residential home inspection, for a new property that I was buying. He provided insight into issues that arose, and also provided possible solutions to the problems. This came in extremely handy, when trying to determine if the purchase price of the property was financially reasonable, with the necessary improvements that would need to be done. The final report was well documented and in great detail."

Mark A.

"I have used Lasswell Home Inspection twice and have been both satisfied and impressed with his thoroughness. I suggest you attend one of his inspections and you will be amazed what he knows and what you will learn. If you are buying a home, this would be the best money spent to know EXACTLY what you are buying. I highly recommend his services."

Lynda C.

"John has performed three home inspections for us and other family members. He is meticulous, to say the least, and extremely knowledgeable. His report details every problem and various solutions to those problems so we know exactly what we are getting into. I can't recommend him highly enough; he is the best."

Dan R.

“John has extensive knowledge about all major components of the house (electrical, plumbing, foundation, structure, sewer, roofing, furnace, masonry, drainage, rot, insects, etc) and provided the most detailed report I've ever seen from an inspector--including photos of problems. His report gave us a lot of leverage with the seller and seriously helped remove "surprises" that we might have encountered months after closing. Highly, highly recommend.” July 19, 2010

David T.

“John, I finally had a chance to look at your report on the home I am considering for purchase... I must say, you put together an incredibly thorough and well organized inspection report. I was very impressed with the amount of detail you documented and the quality of organization of the report. I'm glad that my real estate agent, Roger Schluter recommended you and now I know why he did. It was also a pleasure working with you that day at the perspective south Seattle home. You were very knowledgeable and thorough and answered all my questions as we walked inside and around the home. Your report helped me to know just what I was getting into, both the quality of the structure and your recommended improvements which would need to be made to bring the home up to a safe and longer lasting condition. I won't hesitate to let any future home buying friends know of your excellent services or if you should need any references in the future, please do not hesitate to send them my way. Best to you and your career, David Templeton www.davidtempleton.com” February 24, 2010

Matt J.

“In the world of home inspection, John Lasswell is as good as it gets. He is reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and effective. More than anything I appreciate John’s approach. He communicates problem areas/potential issues in a very simple, educational style and gives much needed guidance to the homebuyer at a very crucial moment in the home buying process. I think of John as a trusted advisor and would recommend him without hesitation.” November 16, 2009

Emmy J.

We used John of Lasswell Home Inspection to evaluate a vacation home that we were in the process of purchasing. John gave us the peace of mind that we needed and we went into the purchase well informed. John is a superstar.” January 4, 2010